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Sylvie Flämig

Sylvie Flämig

MSc in Sustainable Development, University of Basel / CAS in Nature-based Environmental Education, ZHAW/Silviva

About me

I am a specialist for questions related to human- environment interactions with many years of experience in the management of invasive species.

At the interface between the public sector and other stakeholders, I have been committed to leading projects since 2018, developing tailored concepts, implementing them and creatively communicating complex issues to various target groups. I use my own diverse experience from public administration, research and private industry.

Please contact me in English, French or German.



Concept and Project Management: I develop and manage environmental projects. From A to Z or selectively - from the development of a first idea to the implementation and evaluation of success.

Environmental communication and education: I design and accompany information and awareness campaigns in the environmental field. I prepare the content for the target group, , e.g. in the form of magazine articles, brochures, posters, websites or videos. I plan and lead workshops, excursions, education and training events and am available as a speaker on my areas of expertise.

Applied research and practical work: I assist government agencies with monitoring and control of invasive mosquitoes. This includes consulting on awareness and control campaigns. Upon request, I also coordinate sampling and fieldwork in related areas (native mosquitoes, aquatic organisms).

I work mainly for clients from the public sector. For information on my projects, see references. Some of the linked resources are available in French, Italian or English.

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